Preparing your older child to visit you in the hospital

You must have by now prepared your older child for the coming new baby. It is an exciting phasewhile also being a big change which can make the child a little insecure. The way he/she will acceptthe new baby depends largely on how secure and loved you make the elder sibling feel.Just like you ease the news of the baby coming, you also need to provide some basic information ofthe labour and delivery to your elder one. Inform her that you might have to go to the hospitalsuddenly be it day or night. Reassure her that someone (she loves and is secure with) will be aroundto take care of her when you are away. Reassure her that you will be back soon and till then she willbe well loved and cared for.You might want her to come visit you at the hospital. You might be imagining a lovely scene ofsiblings meeting but it may not necessarily pan out like that. She may get a little scared seeingmummy in the hospital setting, all the more if you hooked onto machines. Children usually mirroryour emotions so remain calm and matter-of-fact, she will feel the same way.If your child has a lot of questions, answer them adequately without getting into great detail. If shewants to observe then let her do just that, she is processing a lot of information anyways.