Preparing for Twin Babies

Preparing for Twin Babies

Knowing that you have been doubly blessed can get you a little anxious about how you are going to be able to handle everything from the pregnancy to the twins once they are born. Smart planning and effective budgeting should make it all go smooth.

There are definitely a few risks associated with having a twin pregnancy:

  • Preterm babies – most twins are premature arriving between weeks 35-37.
  • Premature babies have higher risks of health complications.
  • You could have – preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, placental problems and foetal growth issues.

But all is not worrisome right now – eat properly, get sufficient rest and regularly get your check-ups and you would have a healthy pregnancy.

Your diet of course needs to change now with two on the way. Intake of all nutrients must be increased but it is most important to increase your intake of – calcium, folic acid, iron, protein, zinc, copper, vitamin C and Vitamin D. You will need to eat more calories which may seem impossible with your belly being cramped by two now, but focus on small and more frequent meals to meet the target.

You might have to gain more weight now with two, but check with your gynaecologist as that would depend on your pre-pregnancy BMI, etc.

Getting ready for delivery with twins may seem scary but it should be okay with solid support. Know about your options of vaginal and C-Sec deliveries, but there might be a chance of an emergency C-Sec even after you begin to try a vaginal delivery.

Ensure you wrap up all the work at home well in advance – clearing space in shelves, booking gas, servicing, etc. for once the two come it will be crazy times till you realise that you are awesome at handling twins. Which you are going to be!