Preparing for delivery: checklist for your trip to the hospital

Hospital plan

When you will go into labour is something which is not in your hands (or anyone’s for that matter). Once you do go into labour, everything will happen too fast and there will be no time and energy to be actually taking decisions then.

Having a checklist at hand can help you ensure you have no (almost atleast) last minute issues and concerns. Having most of them ticked off could be useful but don’t worry too much about it. You have by now (if not, you might want to get down to having that sorted) decided on the hospital where you will deliver the baby.

Tips to make your hospital trip and stay smooth

  1. Traffic can be crazy and have you stuck for hours. In labour that is one of the last things you want. So figure out the shortest and quickest route to the hospital, that way when you do need to dash for it, it might be faster.
  2. You need to plan on who will be accompanying you to the hospital. Always have back-ups planned too so that just in case someone you chose is unavailable; you have somebody to stand in, real fast. Ensure their numbers are near at hand.
  3. Focus on methods to ease the labour pain, practise deep breathing, etc. and ensure the person who is accompanying you is supportive.
  4. Your hospital bag should be packed and easily accessible. When you do need to go to the hospital that should be just the one thing you need to pick up.
  5. Have your delivery plan discussed with your gynaecologist in detail. Aspects such as easing labour pain, relief plan, etc. should be discussed and pre-decided on.