How to Prepare Your Breast for Breastfeeding During Pregnancy

preparing your breast for breastfeeding

Your body begins to prepare your breasts for breastfeeding soon after you conceived the baby. Proof is the growing size of your breasts and tingling and tender nipples.

So there isn’t much that you are required to do to prepare for breastfeeding. But then again doing a few things to prepare your breasts for breastfeeding can only be of help.


Tips to help your breasts prepare for breastfeeding

  • Gently massage your breasts. Begin above the breast and move towards the nipple with slow stroking circular motions. Now do the same at another area, continue till you have gone all around the best. Do not roughen up the nipples by wiping with a towel as natural oils produced by the breasts are removed making them sore.
  • Determine if you have an inverted/ flat nipple. You can check by pinching the breasts in the areola. If the nipple protrudes then it is okay, in case they do not but rather retracts into the nipple then you have an inverted nipple.
  • An inverted nipple does not mean you can’t breastfeed. What you could do to make things easier are - using breast shells to make the nipple protrude, using the Hoffman technique to stretch the nipple to make it protrude, etc. You could use nipple shields and breast pumps post the baby’s birth, just before feeding her each time.
  • Clean the breasts with clear water. Lotions and lubricants need to be used only if the nipple is really dry.

Over and above this it is essential to mentally prepare oneself for breastfeeding. You could talk to those who have/ are still breastfeeding, discuss with your gynaecologist, attend classes on breastfeeding or join a support group to understand more about breastfeeding and stay motivated when you actually do.