Prenatal Vitamins: Should you continue these and are any other supplements that are needed?

Supplements during pregnancy

Because you are pregnant, a prenatal vitamin has already been prescribed to you. This vitamin probably contains all the supplements you need – iron, vitamins, calcium, folate etc. It is recommended that you carry on having these supplements throughout your pregnancy for the health of your baby.

Prenatal Vitamin supplements that you may need

Here are some additional supplements that you might want to consider asking your practitioner about –

Cod Liver Oil for Omega 3

Omega-3 fats contain two essential acids that are crucial to good health: DHA and EPA. These two acids are known to be extremely healthy. When the body is low in these two components, studies have linked it to depression and more mental health problems. DHA helps with proper brain development, and EPA supports optimal mood and healthy behavior. These two essential acids are not just to help your baby but to also to prevent Postpartum Depression. Fish oil or Cod Liver oil is naturally rich in Vitamin A & D3, which are also key nutrients for proper development of a baby.


Magnesium is a very important mineral for your body. Along with Calcium and Vitamin D3 in tissue and bone development in your body as well as in your baby. With Calcium, it also helps prevent leg cramps and promotes good sleep. Sleep is invaluable during pregnancy and lactation!


Probiotics are important to maintain good gut bacteria. They help to prevent illness, stomach issues, yeast infections and promote healthy gut health and digestion. Babies are born with a sterile gut and usually their gut flora is established only by the time they are 3 years old. Their first exposure to good bacteria is as they move down the birth canal during birth, which makes a vaginal delivery invaluable. The baby also receives good bacteria through breast-milk, so supplementing is also a good idea when nursing.

Do get it cleared from your doctor before taking on or adding on any new supplements.