Pregnant? Here’s how to get the perfectly strong body

Exercise strengthens your body and your soul and endows you with renewed vigor every day. Research shows that pregnant women who regularly exercise tend to experience very little lower back pain, gain more overall energy, sleep better, have a better body image and can spring back to their pre-pregnancy shape faster than those who are less active when they are expecting. 

It is also observed that pregnant women who perform daily exercises have an easier birth. So, if you are a mum-to-be and care to have a healthy baby, read on to discover how exercises can be beneficial for you.


Yoga: Yoga calms your mind and helps you to breathe and relax. Starting prenatal yoga can give your body the much-needed strength to cope with the ever increasing mental and physical demands of pregnancy and motherhood. While starting a yoga regime, be careful not to do any asanas on your back as those postures can reduce blood flow to the uterus. Be careful not to stretch your muscles too much.

Swimming: Health care providers and fitness trainers are of the opinion that swimming is the safest of all exercises that a pregnant woman can perform. Whatever trimester you are in, swimming can benefit your whole body. During pregnancy, women are prone to falls due to an unbalance in body shape. This is one water sport in which you do not need to worry about falling or over-heating. Swimming raises your heart rate and is the best cardiovascular exercise. Do consult with your doctor before you start any exercise routine when pregnant, and swimming is no different.

Pranayama: During pregnancy, the body temperature is slightly on the higher side. During the first trimester, overheating can be bad for the foetus, hence practicing pranayama can be helpful as it neither heats up the body nor makes one prone to trips and fall. Certain forms of pranayama are very mild and can be practiced everyday like anulom vilom, shitali pranayama, bhramari pranayama and nadi shodhana. In case of any inconvenience, get in touch with your instructor and seek guidance.

Kegels: The beauty of Kegel exercises are that they can be performed anytime. Often advised by the medical practitioner, Kegels can strengthen the muscles that hold your uterus, bladder, bowels and pelvic floor muscles. Try to squeeze your pelvic muscles, hold for a while and relax. 

Brisk walking: Exercises during pregnancy can help to maintain a good body weight. If you gain too much weight, you are at risk of a longer and tougher delivery. Walking is a good form of exercise as it is mild on the knees and can fit into your daily routine comfortably. Wear good shoes so that your feet are comfortable when you walk. Increase the pace slowly as per as your comfort levels.

Stretching: Stretching is a great way to keep your body toned and muscles taut. They can be performed both while sitting as well as standing. During stretch exercises, always listen to your body. Avoid any form of exertion or over -exercise. If you feel tired, and you are likely to feel more tired than normal, rest for a while and then resume your exercises.

It is important that you keep away from sports that can be dangerous for you and your baby. Certain activities which you should take care to avoid are outdoor bicycling, roller skating, downhill skiing and pony riding. Any activity in which you are likely to fall and hurt yourself can prove to be risky. Have a daily exercise routine and reap its rich benefits.

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