Pregnant and alone: how to manage if you have a husband who travels

Alone during pregnancy

So, your partner has a traveling job. This could be bothering you because pregnancy is a special time for couples to share the experience with each other. It is quite understandable that you may feel sad or lonely because your partner is missing out on important milestones in your pregnancy. This is normal. But here are some ways to cope and make it wee bit better for you and your husband -

  • Call/text/communicate. Even though he is not physically present, try to get some actual face to face time by using Skype or FaceTime everyday for a few minutes so that your husband feels like he’s in the loop with you.
  • Read stuff together. Just like you’re learning new things about your body and baby, your partner can too. Consider signing up for our newsletters together. Then you can set aside a time at night or early morning when you can go through the material together.
  • Share reports. Try and accommodate your antenatal visits for when he is in town – that means he can get to meet the doctor, see the baby on ultrasound, hear the heartbeat and such that will keep him as involved with your pregnancy. If he has to be away, send a scanned copy of your report or ultrasound.
  • Keep yourself busy. Pregnancy blues are common and it may be useful to surround yourself with positive friends and family and ultimately to keep yourself busy with activities that you enjoy.
  • Take care of you. It might seem like such a chore to cook for just you. But avoid the temptation of skipping meals. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. This will help regulate your mood too. If possible, join a class, socialize, go out with friends– one the baby’s here, you’re going to miss being able to do all of that.
  • Make the most of your together time. Book tickets for a movie. Head out on a dinner date. Or even a long drive. Consider a small weekend break. You can do bay shopping, or even making plans for the baby’s future. The best thing you can do is to stay connected with your partner and create the safe, secure environment that your baby needs from you when he gets here.