Pregnancy Myths: How True Are They?

pregnancy myths

There is no ignoring the myths associated with pregnancy. They are all around and they are to put it mildly absurd in the least. Some do have a little bit of science behind them but most are just random with no reason behind it. Obviously I too had to listen to a host of myths each time I had the two babies. Now it’s fun to compare and find out how many of it come true. Here is my list.

  1. Eating for two: Diet should be doubled during pregnancy

I was overweight before I conceived, both times. Each time my gynaecologist was clear that I should gain as little weight as possible during the pregnancy. A strict diet and regular exercises helped. So much for eating for two!

  1. For fair complexion of babies, eat saffron and oranges

Our obsession with the fair skin is renowned (and irritating) so I was encouraged to have a lot of oranges through both pregnancies. Being rich in Vitamin C I did oblige but I wouldn’t say either of my boys are the typical textbook ‘fair.’

  1. No sex during pregnancy

The sex just gets better during the pregnancy, you would be crazy to miss the opportunities to awesome orgasms! Nope they had no bearing on the boys.

  1. Heartburn during pregnancy means the baby will have more hair

The first time my heartburn was bad and all the dietary changes and lifestyle changes helped marginally. He was born with a head full of hair. The second time around my boy was bald! And guess what the heartburn was just as bad! Seriously!

Make a note of these and find out how many actually came true for you. (Don’t worry it’s just plain chance and probability.)