Pregnancy Myths part-2: Facts and fiction behind food related myths

Drinking during pregnancy

So you’re at a bar. And drinking during pregnancy is a strict no-no. But why can’t happy hours be happy anymore? Here are 6 drinks that you aren’t bar-red from!

  • Fresh lime soda – Fresh lime, soda, a hint of salt or sugar – what’s not to love? It tastes amazing and is a great drink to kick start an evening.
  • Iced Tea – An evergreen favourite, the ice tea can play peekaboo just as well as it’s alcoholic cousins is a refreshing choice.
  • Virgin pina coladas – Slutty no more, this drink packs the punch of the tropics. Coconut, ice, and pineapple - how can it possibly fail? A no-fail choice.
  • Virgin mojito – The freshness of mint in Mojitos are fun, with or without alcohol. And the kick is there, alcohol or not!
  • Ginger Ale – If you think about it, it is literally gin and tonic. The spice hit from ginger mingles delectably with the fresh taste of ale, making it the perfect beverage for the energetic evening.

Fruit juice – When all fails, there’s fresh fruit juice. Ask for versions without added sugars. Summers are perfect for watermelon shooters or citrus breezers. Ask for the specials and pick something that’ll keep you fresh as you mingle in the jungle.