Pregnancy Myths part-1: Facts and fiction behind food related myths

Food myths

Truth or myth? Let’s figure this out together.

  • All sweets are bad

It’s all about moderation when it comes to enjoying sweets. And this holds good whether you are pregnant or not. Dark chocolate is especially good for you.

  • All seafood is bad –

A lot of fish contain high amounts of Omega fatty acids, which are great for you for building your immune system and for your developing baby. Only the very large fish which are at the end of the food chain like marlin, sharks and mackerel, are high in mercury which is not good for you.

  • Big appetite. Ergo, you’re having a boy

No. That’s your body and your unique pregnancy. Don’t blame baby!

  • All soft cheeses aren’t good during pregnancy

Only the unpasteurized cheeses. All else is ok.

  • If you eat peanuts your baby will be allergic to them

One word for you - Nahiiii!

  • Diet soda is alright

Nope! It’s not about the caffeine content in soda. It’s about the artificial sweeteners. They’re not good for you or the baby.

  • Eat less and the baby takes your fat

Surely, there’s a better time to lose weight than when you’re pregnant?

  • Eat enough for two

Not at all. Your baby needs just around 300 calories per day extra in the first 2 trimesters and 200 calories per day extra in the last trimester to grow and develop normally. So, watch those portion sizes.

  • Kesar (saffron) makes your baby fair and iron makes your baby dark

Do not propagate this myth. What you eat does not influence the skin colour of your baby. The baby’s skin colour depends solely on her genes - which is derived from both of you. So, chillax. Some things are not in your control after all.

What other pregnancy food myths have you heard? Share with our community!