Pregnancy Myths: Are my baby’s choices going to be determined by my pregnancy cravings?

Pregnancy cravings

It is a myth that your baby’s tastes cause your pregnancy cravings. It’s the other way around. Your cravings may affect your baby’s tastes. This is likely because some of the flavouring agents from your food transcend the placenta and pass into the amniotic fluid. So what you crave and eat, for instance, sweets, your amniotic fluid will be tinged sweet making your baby be used to sweet flavours. This is especially true of spicy foods. Studies have shown that babies whose moms ate spicy food through pregnancy showed a liking for spicy foods in childhood earlier than their counterparts, possibly because they have already been exposed to the taste and are familiar with it.

The truth about pregnancy cravings influencing your baby’s tastes

Experts ask expectant mums to consider that in some way, your eating habits ‘flavour’ your unborn child’s tastes. So if you eat a large variety of foods when you’re pregnant - spicy, bitter, leafy vegetables, etc., she is likely to accept them, than if you didn’t. On the other hand, if you drink a lot of aerated drinks and/or eat a lot of junk food, you’re exposing your baby to lots of processed food and sugar in utero and may influence her taste for the worse.


Even though babies may “prefer” some tastes over others depending on what you’ve been eating in your pregnancy, it does not determine his lifelong inclinations. Even still, it makes sense to include a large variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other healthy foods in your diet along with a large repertoire of tastes - from bitter to sour, from spicy to sweet, to give your baby the best shot of not being a fussy eater.