Pregnancy music: what to listen and why

pregnancy music

Pregnancy music: what to listen and why

Music is very therapeutic in many senses. It cheers up a depressed mind and fills energy in a damp group. It is also known to have a tremendous developmental effect on an unborn child in the womb and on the expectant mother. There has been lots of research done on how listening to music calms down an expectant mother and, through her, the unborn child.

What kind of music should I listen to?

There are lots of options for music for you and your baby. Let’s look at music for mothers, first.

Pregnancy music for mothers

Not all music has a positive effect on you. Stay away from music that raises your heartbeat rate. It is likely to stress you out more than normal and stress is not good for either of you. Listen to calm music that takes you to the special place in your head. Your favourite childhood lullaby, songs that trigger happiness in you, or instrumental music, without lyrics would be the best to keep you calm and relaxed.

You can also listen to Mozart or Bach, if you’re a fan of western classical music.

And here’s the Indian version of music for mothers, or Garbha Sanskara. Indian Classical music and listening to bhajans and classical music has been known to calm down the mother and the baby.If you play and sing these chants and musical pieces yourself, it is all the more better.

Also remember, the music need not be slow all the time. Peppy rhythmic music that puts the mother in a cheery mood is also good for the unborn child.

If you play and sing these chants and musical pieces yourself, it is all the more better.

Music For Babies

Most pediatricians recommend music that is either peppy with a steadfast beat, or calming, soothing sounds for babies. Listening to classical music like Mozart or Bach has been shown to calm babies down. Make sure that the music you make your baby listen to is not chaotic. It also has to have a sense of rhythm that would give the baby a sense of security. Discordant music has been shown to have an impact on the developing brain, so keep those far far away from your baby’s nubile ears.

Make sure that you keep playing a variety of songs because babies tend to get bored easily too. Keep the peppy beats going and have a lovely time waltzing with your baby inside!

Always remember, the activities you do for your baby such as listening to music and reading to your baby are not guaranteed to make your baby smarter – but they are just activities meant to bring you closer to the baby. So just enjoy the time you have with the baby in your womb.