Pregnancy Glow: Truth Behind It

pregnancy glow

Not everything about the pregnancy is uncomfortable; there are some changes which many pregnant women look forward to. One of these is the ‘pregnancy glow’ which is probably the result of the changes in and the increase in the hormones during this phase.

There is no concrete evidence pointing to one factor for causing this glow but there are some theories which suggest why it could be happening.

  • The huge amounts of hormones in the system now affect the glands which produce oil. This increased oil secretion causes the skin to look shinier.
  • Blood flow in the body increases by almost 30% during pregnancy. This increased blood volume means an increased flow and circulation in the facial area which makes one’s face look fuller and brighter.

But sometimes this secretion of oil could mean an excess secretion which could make the skin too oily and cause an outbreak of acne (pregnancy acne). In case you do feel your skin is getting too oily you could try using oil-free cleansers to clean your face and reduce the oil in your skin.

Not all women experience the radiant glow of motherhood, so if you are one of those lucky few – enjoy it while it lasts!

The unlucky few may have the ‘mask of pregnancy’ which basically is brownish spots or patches that develop around one’s neck and face.

The pregnancy glow or the mask of pregnancy both are temporary and disappear once you have the baby. The key is to maintain a good skin care regime to have a healthy skin, pregnant or not.