Pregnancy Food Tips: Eating Without Guilt

pregnancy diet tips

As you see the scale tip higher as your pregnancy progresses it is normal to feel a little anxious. If you have struggled with your weight before you are going to be worrying even more. But it is okay to gain weight now, rather it is recommended to gain a certain amount of weight based on one’s height, pre-pregnancy weight, etc.

People will be encouraging you now to eat for two and your body too will crave for more carbohydrates. But gaining too much weight is not good for either you or the baby and also the weight you gain must be healthy weight. So how does one ensure that?

Pregnancy Food Tips for Eating Without Guilt:

  • Try and substitute your cravings with healthy options as much as possible. Sure you will have some of the unhealthy options too but try and have as many healthy options like fruits, vegetables, whole grain food, etc. as opposed to chips, fizzy drink, ice creams, etc.
  • Avoid fried food as much as possible as frying increases the calories and fat in the meal. Opt for low-fat cooking methods such as baking, broiling, grilling, etc.
  • Eat in moderation and eat more often. Eating frequently helps prevent you from overdoing it each time you eat. Choosing healthy food and snack options prevents other problems like constipation associated with pregnancy.
  • Drink a lot of water and fluids. This keeps you hydrated and also gives you a feeling of being full. It also helps keep constipation at bay.
  • If you have not been someone to work out much, try and include some walking into your daily routine. Walking is the easiest and least risky way to keeping you fit and keeping that weight gain in check.

And always remember not to pressure yourself. You will feel hungry, and you should be able to eat without guilt as long as you keep the above checks in mind.