Pregnancy dreams and nightmares: Tips to get your 8 hours

Pregnancy dreams

With pregnancy comes so many new things – hello, nightmares! While dreams are just a way of the body’s handling stress, the nightmares usually find root in your fears – that you’ll not be a good mommy, that you’ll forget the baby somewhere, that your baby is not perfect and so on. And you have to deal with this in addition to the need to pee, the morning sickness and heartburn. Not easy! But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Tips to deal with pregnancy dreams and ways to catch up on the snoozes:

  • Avoid any form of caffeine (so put that Coca Cola can down) after noon.
  • Get 8 glasses of water (or other fluids) every single day, but reduce your intake after sunset.
  • Stay away from sugar at night, which will give you a sugar high energy when you least want it and end up leaving your blood sugar levels oscillating.
  • Work out daily, preferably in the morning. Evening workouts can keep you energetic and going through the night.
  • Have a light snack after dinner and before hitting the sack to ward off midnight hunger. Try and make it a protein and a complex carb medley (think a paneer sandwich). You could also try some warm milk.
  • Try a warm bath just before bed. Consider adding lavender essential oils to it, to help relax it a little further.
  • Crack open a window or turn on the A/C— whatever works! Every pregnant woman feels differently while most agree that they feel unduly hot.
  • Make love, if you're in the mood. Or get yourself a massage. Both can relax you.
  • Try some relaxation exercises — meditation, visualization, deep breathing, yoga or even chanting.

With these tips, you should be able to catch some sleep before the baby arrives and you fall really short on the zzzs.