Pregnancy announcement: How and when to do it

Pregnancy announcements

Yoohoo! When your pregnancy is progressing fine, one of the best perks is being able to break the news to close family and friends. It’s what makes it real to everyone else around you and these days, couples have a lot of fun making these announcements cherishable and something to remember. Check Instagram or Pinterest and you’ll see why. If you’re looking for creative ideas, here are some that we’ve put together for you -

Pregnancy announcement ideas for telling family

Your pregnancy is big news for your entire extended family too, specially if it's their first grandchild. You could always Skype them or drop in and make the big announcement if you live in the same city. But these days there are many fun ways to liven things up a bit. Here’s what some of our readers sent in -

  • "I sent 3 blue and 5 pink straws to my parents and to my husband’s parents with an attached note, 'Some straws are pink and some straws are blue. The color there's more of, is your first clue.' My parents got it immediately, but we had to explain it to his."
  • Gifting your parents a little something is fun too. "We gave both grandmums-to-be a couple of copies of Goodnight Moon with a Post-it that read, 'Brush up on your basics - it’s time to read to your grandchild!'"
  • Other creative gifts include customized bibs, shirts, booties, and pacifiers. Or something like a tee or a mug that gives it away like, "World's Best Nana" or "No one spoils a child like her Granny"
  • If you’ve got an older child, get her in on the act. "I taught my 3-year-old to answer the question 'Where's the baby?' by pointing to my tummy. We recorded it and whatsapped it to the whole family. We got all the reactions we were hoping for. It was so great!" says one mom.

Pregnancy announcement ideas for telling friends

Most women like to tell their friends personally - on a one on one phone call or in person so that they can see their reactions firsthand. But you can still have fun with it -

  • "I told my friend that my stomach was queasy and I had to have a scan. They found a baby in there."
  • Or, here’s a fun way to record the moment for posterity. "We all met after a really long time. And so I told my friends, we should take a selfie. I set it on record mode. And I said 1, 2.. I’m pregnant!! Their reactions were priceless and it’s all caught on camera!”

Tip: Make sure you've actually told all the very important people in your life before shouting it off of the Internet. Else, someone’s gonna be hurt that they had to find out the same time 1000 of your other “friends” did.