Pregnancy Announcement: Breaking the News to Your Family

pregnancy news announcement

Pregnancy Announcement: Breaking the News to Your Family

Having a baby is a special and happy feeling which you would love to share with friends and family. You’ve waited until now to break the news and you have a thousand worries in your mind already. How are people going to react, how to seal with the thousand and one questions expected afterwards and all of that.

You should share it of course only when you are totally ready and comfortable to do so.

Sharing this news to family and friends can be a joyous and extremely fun affair and you could really get creative when doing so. Since you’ve been waiting this long, you want to make an impact, and have fun with the idea. Remember, it’s your baby, and you’re the one who gets to decide how much of the fun factor you want to throw in.

Here are some fun ways for you to consider.

Pregnancy announcement ideas

  • You could print t-shirts, caps or mugs for the family and friends with their relationship to the new arrival mentioned. Example – Dada, Dadi, Nana, Nani, Bua, Masi, etc.
  • If you already have kids you could get them t-shirts printed saying ‘I am going to be a big brother/ sister.’
  • Send out an invitation to everyone mentioning your EDD (expected date of delivery) and the name of the hospital where you plan to have the baby.
  • In today’s age of the social media, you could spread the news real fast by updating your profile picture to one which reads – ‘pregnant’!
  • You could present your friends with a jigsaw puzzle, when put together reads - “I’m pregnant!”
  • You could take pictures of you and your spouse together, make a collage with a big plus sign, and then put a mystery box right next to it - which opens up to a baby picture and a question mark.
  • Want to capture the moment forever? Gather all those with whom you are going to share the news for a group photo and then instead of saying ‘cheese’ say ‘your name’ is pregnant. Expressions captured forever!

Note: These are just some suggestions to give you ideas. You can go right ahead, get creative and make your awesome announcement.

Remember though that you would want to share this news sooner rather than later so that they hear it from you and not from someone else which could cause feelings to be hurt and take the ‘happy’ out of the happy news!