Planning my own baby shower

planning my own baby shower

Organizing your own baby shower

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is a gathering organized to pamper the expectant mother by showering her with blessings and gifts. Typically in India, the baby shower takes place in the seventh and/or ninth month, and it used to be organized by the elder women of the family, which is known as “Godhbharai”.

If you are an expectant mother and a take charge kind of a person, go ahead and plan your own baby shower. You absolutely deserve to decide how you want to get pampered on that special day.

Things to keep in mind while planning your own baby shower

Keep these points in mind while organizing a baby shower:

  • Keep it simple, keeping in mind your delicate condition.
  • Start well in advance, so that you have enough time to brainstorm and execute without stressing out.
  • Ask for help and delegate responsibility
  • Take rest while planning and during the event. Don’t stress out.
  • Keep in mind the guests likes and dislikes while planning the event, but not at the cost of your comfort and your diet.
  • Ensure that the guest list is manageable. Don’t call too many people
  • Thank everyone by offering them innovative return gifts with personalized notes. Items like stoles, chunky jewelry, scented candles make good gifts.

Baby shower ideas

  • Fuse the traditional and the modern by dressing up in a more contemporary yet comfortable attire. Tweak the rituals by making them more modern.
  • If you are planning an all-girl get-together, you could invite your friends for a spa-party right at home (this might be a little heavy on the pocket, so think about it carefully).
  • Plan a pot luck with your friends and family, and as a means to get yourself pampered, request them to get your favorite dish. Like XYZ aunty ke hath ka jeera rice…