How to Overcome Tiredness During Pregnancy?

tiredness during pregnancy

Feeling tired during pregnancy is quite common and normal. There are a lot of changes happening inside of you, the body is working extremely hard, your blood sugar and blood pressure are lower and all your worrying is giving you that sense of fatigue.

This tiredness can also make you feel low, but if you feel a sense of hopelessness or no longer enjoy what you once loved doing, it might be better to consult your doctor as you could possibly be experiencing depression. Tiredness and low levels of energy could also be because of anaemia so it is best to get yourself checked.

This feeling of being tired is not the same for all pregnant women, some feel it sometimes while some all the time.

Tips to overcome tiredness during pregnancy

Overcoming this tiredness is also not the same for all women but here are some things you could try to help you take it easy when tired

  • Listen to your body and call it a night early or take small naps. If you can’t afford a nap at least sit for some time with your feet up.
  • Work around your schedule to ensure you are getting ample rest. You could reduce hours at work or work flexi. If you already have a baby take help from friends and family to look after the little one while you sleep
  • Eat well even if you are too tired to. Have a healthy and balanced diet and avoid being on an empty stomach as that only makes you more tired.
  • Some mild exercises can help you overcome that tiredness.
  • Be positive as this feeling of tiredness shall pass. In the meantime sleep all you want and can.