The Overcautious expectant dad-to-be: How to deal with him?

Overcautious Dad-to-be

All that you want is a cup of coffee in the morning, but your husband, the father-to-be thinks caffeine might harm the baby. You feel like a romp in the sack at night. And yes, he thinks this might harm the baby too. Sometimes it’s sweet to have a husband/partner who cares so much about you and the baby. Other times, it’s plain frustrating.

Tips to ease the anxiety of the father-to-be

Here’s how to deal with the over-cautious husband –

  • Take him to your doctors’ appointments – Given how involved he is, he probably will tag along for your regular appointments. Allow him to ask his questions there – is a cup of coffee for you ok? Can you have sex? The answers from a certified professional should put his mind at ease.
  • Send him relevant information – Newsletters, articles published in verified journals etc. should ease his anxiety about everyday pregnancy issues. He can educate himself as much as you do and learn that the baby is really in a cushioned place and everyday activities cannot get to him.
  • Discuss like adults – This isn’t a parent-child relationship where one is told what to do. Just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t give him any authority to restrict any everyday activity that you may have cleared with your doctor. Have an adult conversation with him and reach a set of boundaries that you both find reasonable for you to tread – be it caffeine intake limit or exercising – and stick to it.
  • Don’t be cowed – Flattering as it is that your husband is suddenly worried about his unborn child, take your pregnancy back – within reason – and do what you’ve got to do to be comfortable during this time.

A healthy pregnancy is a happy one and it makes it easier on everyone to be on the same page. Enjoy your pregnancy, don’t feel restrained by it.