Why not to be upset about baby’s gender?

upset about baby gender

The question you will get asked more often than not once people know you are expecting is whether you want it to be a boy or a girl. They might also go to the extent of asking you what you ‘feel’ you are carrying in your tummy. You might also hear the most absurd and hilarious (if you look at it that way) myths from the size of your belly, severity of morning sickness, the ‘glow’ on your face, etc. which all apparently give you signs as to the sex of the baby.

Well the myths are all rubbish and you wish you could know the sex of your baby. Your focus during the entire pregnancy should only be on ensuring you do all that you should to have a healthy baby. Why? Here is why –

  1. Indian law forbids finding out the sex of the foetus so worrying and speculating now is of no use. You can confirm it only once the baby is born.
  2. Your worrying is not going to influence the sex of the baby. The genes already have that decided.
  3. If you keep hoping for a particular sex say a girl and have a boy eventually, you are up for major disappointment. Disappointment that can be instrumental to you having postpartum depression too.
  4. Whatever the sex of the baby she is yours forever. But if you compromise on the health of the baby she will suffer all her life or at least for some time, which will be tough on you too emotionally.

A boy or a girl, your child is going to love you the same so stop obsessing over the sex and go all out to have a healthy baby – you guys are going to have so much fun together.