Not Having Pregnancy Food Cravings – Is it Normal?

Not Having Pregnancy Food Cravings

Is it normal not to have food cravings during pregnancy?

Imagine a pregnant woman, and it is quite common that you will have images of a woman demanding to have ice cream in the dead of the night!

But if you’re not one of those women, do not worry. Your pregnancy and you are perfectly normal despite you not having any cravings!

Why women have cravings when pregnant is not scientifically clear as yet. A change in the hormones could play a part in influencing your olfactory senses and taste buds. That could explain a pregnant woman suddenly finds a particular brand of chips delicious and the only thing she wants to eat while the regular home-cooked fish might make her want to throw up. Usually a pregnant woman craves something very basic.

Not having a food craving may make you feel like you are not getting the entire experience of being pregnant! Not having food cravings has its benefits and you are in an overall advantageous situation.

  • You will not be eating unhealthy food and thus having unnecessary calories. That makes it one thing less to worry about during the pregnancy.
  • During the pregnancy you can consciously make healthy choices in terms of the food you eat during the pregnancy. You will gain the required weight but all in a healthy way.

Sure you will not have stories to tell your children, stories of how you survived months on just butter-rice or ice creams, but boy will your partner be glad that he is not being woken up at the most ungodly hours with the most random of demands!