Not everything grandma says during your pregnancy is superstition – here’s why!

Congratulations, you are pregnant! But sister, you are in for a big, big life-altering time! You know what’ll bother you the most during this time? No, it isn’t the fact that your belly will become so big that you are no longer able to see your own toes. What it is though, is the fact that suddenly people around you will travel back a few centuries and give you completely random facts about your pregnancy. Yes, we are talking about superstitions that bug the hell out every mom-to-be. But did you know that at least some of these superstitions are actually facts? Don’t dismiss your grandmother yet - some of what she’s saying is true. 

Don’t eat a papaya!

Remember when mom told you that an unripe papaya is good for you and put it in everything she cooked? That is going to stop suddenly because your mother will now tell you not to eat a papaya. Having papayas is believed to be bad for a pregnant woman, and there is actual scientific basis to this. 

In the early days of pregnancy at least, an unripe papaya replicates the action of hormones like oxytocin and prostaglandin, that might induce early labour and cause miscarriages. In fact, synthetic prostaglandin and oxytocin are often used to induce contractions in women who have come to term. So yes, when your grandmother tells you to stay off a papaya, do that. 

Avoid funerals

The person that died may have been very close to you. But do listen to mom when she tells you not to actually go there to pay your respects. Your grandmother maybe talking about evil spirits that jinx your baby, but think logically, and you’ll see it’s actually better to not go to a funeral. 

When a person dies after a sickness, there are a lot of germs on the loose. Plus, there might be a lot of people there that have come to pay their respects, and they might be carrying their own germs. There’s a good chance that you or the fetus catch something from someone. Besides, death and funerals are depressing and the stress might not be good for you now that you are carrying. 

Don’t travel alone

It is annoying when people tell you not to go out alone when all your life you have been an independent woman. But you have to understand that there is logic in this too. As you advance in your pregnancy, there is always a chance of something going wrong. If nothing, there is a good chance that your water might break if you are close to term. Having someone around will work out as a blessing then. Plus, it’s nicer to have someone else carry your shopping bags and get you a cold bottle of water when you are thirsty - think about that too! 

See happy, think happy

A lot of people hang photos of cute babies and pretty landscapes around pregnant women hoping that if she sees beautiful things, the baby will be born beautiful. Okay, the looks of the baby will depend on genetics, but having happy images around you might actually help. 

Not all of us are blessed with a sweeping view of the mountains or the ocean right outside our bedrooms. But having happy posters and photos around us will likely create a positive atmosphere that, ultimately, will help soothe your vibes. So yes, this might actually be quite true. 

Don’t go out/hang clothes after dark

As annoying as it is, you can’t deny that there are more insects in the dark than in the daytime. While your grandmom might be thinking about evil spirits again, look at it this way - darkness breeds insects, and these insects can sit on you, or the clothes you have hanging out in the dark, and can give you a pretty nasty rash. Rashes and hives aren’t good for the baby. So listen to your grandma, and don’t sit out in the balcony well after sundown. At least as much as you can, don’t. 

New mothers should stay in for a few weeks

You know you haven’t really gone out for a while when the baby was coming, and now you are expected to stay indoor when the baby comes. It can be completely frustrating, and infuriating, to say the least, when they tell you that you have to stay in, right?

Well, think about it. You are probably bleeding, and you have probably had C-section a few days back. Even if you had a vaginal delivery, your body is extremely vulnerable to infections now. What can infect you, can infect your baby. Your body needs time to heal and get to a position where a slight jerk in the car will not send your uterus into panic or your stitches to revolt. You have given it a few months so go ahead, give it another few weeks. 

Don’t go out in an eclipse

There’s a good chance you won’t see an eclipse at all during your pregnancy, but even if there is one, try to resist the temptation to go see it. You might be told that a demon is swallowing the sun and the same demon will cause deformities in your baby. But when you think about it, there’s actually a bit of truth in this. Eclipses bring with them a lot of harmful UV rays that might be really bad for your baby. So yes, don’t go out to see an eclipse. 

Not all superstitions are baseless, when you think about it. Of course, some definitely are - eating a certain food will not give you a baby boy, and avoiding certain foods will not give your baby a fair complexion. But before you dismiss everything you hear, at least give it a thought and see if it might have a scientific basis. 

Feature Image Source: Quora