No or Sudden Weight Gain During Pregnancy – Things to Worry About

sudden weight gain during pregnancy

Yes, you’ve heard this before and you know that aining pregnancy during pregnancy is a given, even if you dread all the kgs you are going to be piling on. You’ve heard all the jokes about weight and you keep noticing your clothes grow tighter sometimes overnight. Cut yourself some slack- here is what is going on in your body right now and why you are gaining weight –

  • The average baby weight at birth – 2.8kg to 3.3kg
  • The muscle layer of your uterus – 0.9kg
  • The placenta – 0.5kg
  • The breasts – 0.4kg
  • Increased blood volume – 1.4kg
  • Extra fluids in the body – 2.6kg
  • Additional fat stored for breastfeeding – 2.5kg

So you are going to gain around 10-11kg in this period. But this is not the measure for all women. The weight you should gain will depend on your weight pre-pregnancy or rather your BMI (Body Mass Index) pre-pregnancy.

You will be weighed at each doctor checkup you will have to observe your trends and patterns of weight gain.

If you gain very little weight and you have an increased risk for your baby being born too small or too soon. If you gain too much weight and you have increased risks of developing gestational diabetes, hypertension and complications during labour and delivery. Also your stretch marks will be worse and getting back to pre-pregnancy weight that much tougher.

You should check with your gynaecologist if:

Things to worry on weight gain during pregnancy:

  • You gain more than 1.5kg in any one week of your second trimester
  • You gain more than 1kg in any one week of your third trimester, especially if it is not linked to overeating or increased sodium intake; this could be a sign of preeclampsia.
  • If you gain no weight for two or more weeks in a row between month 4 and 8

The amount of weight you actually gain and what you should ideally gain may not be the same, and that is no reason to worry. You are going to be able to make those extra kgs go away with some healthy choices in eating, exercising and lifestyle.