Nesting instinct in pregnancy: What it is and do you feel it?

Nesting while pregnant

Nesting: what is it and do you feel it?

Nesting instinct in pregnancy

As you advance in your pregnancy, you may start feeling the need to organize your wardrobe, or start organizing the nursery, if you are planning one. This is called nesting, and it is a natural instinct, which has been in women since evolution.

Nesting instinct is a natural urge in all pregnant animals to prepare a home for their newborn babies. While you may not really behave like the animals or birds gathering feathers and sticks, you are definitely going to feel a slight urge to clean up around you. It is also interesting to know that not just mums, but dads too feel the nesting instinct.

Here are some of things you may feel like doing:

  • Gathering newspapers instead of leaving them lying around
  • Organizing your wardrobe
  • Collecting baby items and organizing them in a place which may become the nursery soon
  • Stocking up your groceries
  • Clearing up your fridge

It is very important to understand every pregnancy is different and every woman is different. You may or may not feel the nesting instinct during your pregnancy, and the intensity may be different in each woman. And there is nothing wrong in you if you don’t feel the nesting urge.

If you feel the nesting urge, do follow up on it, but not without any precautions:

  • Don’t over exert yourself. If you start feeling exhausted, stop your work immediately, you can continue late.
  • Do not climb on stools or chairs to reach up, ask someone to do it for you – your spouse, sibling, or hire help to do so.

Remember safety first, for you and your baby, so never bite off more than you can chew in terms of physical exertion. Always space out the work you have planned out in your head. You need to take care of yourself first before taking care of your home!