Natural remedies for swelling during pregnancy

natural remedies for swelling during pregnancy

Swelling during pregnancy of one’s hands, feet, ankles and face is quite common . The reasons for this could be water retention, poor circulation, high blood pressure amongst others. This swelling is extremely uncomfortable though not harmful to the pregnancy. Try out these Natural / Home remedies for swelling during pregnancy.

Some of the Natural remedies for swelling during pregnancy are :

  • Drink lots of water
    The more the water you drink now, the more the body flushes out toxins and water. Swelling commonly in the hands and feet is reduced when water is had in sufficient quantities.
  • Elevate your swollen areas
    Keeping your swollen hands and feet in an elevated position can help drain back the fluids from the extremities to the heart, reducing the swelling.
  • Cold compress
    A cold compress with an ice bag can really soothe the swelling and bring it down.
  • Exercising
    Stretching your muscles can help reduce swelling effectively. Also this helps prevent excessive weight gain which increases swelling of hand, feet and face.
  • Salt soak
    Soak your swollen feet and hands in a salt bath (Epsom salt if possible) and watch the swelling and other pains and aches wash away
  • Massage
    Massaging the swollen areas in the direction of the heart will help in circulation and reduce swelling.
  • Reduce Salt intake
    High amounts of salt in the diet can increase fluid retention in the body and cause swelling. Reducing the intake helps lower the fluid retention and thus swelling
  • Stay Cool
    The heat can aggravate the issue of swelling as Estrogen responds to hot weather by inducing plasma to leave blood vessels to enter the tissues.