Nasal Congestion and Snoring During Pregnancy

snoring in pregnancy

Nasal Congestion and Snoring During Pregnancy

You suddenly find yourself doing something you have never done before – snoring! Snoring during pregnancy could be embarrassing for you and sleep disrupting for everyone else in the room too. But it is perfectly normal during pregnancy to snore.

Why do women start snoring in pregnancy?

The hormones Oestrogen and Progesterone have caused your blood vessels to open wider in the nasal region and also your nasal tissues to swell. Also your weight gain means extra tissue around your neck and head. All of these are causing those snores. This is nothing to worry about. If it happens a lot more than usual you might want to discuss it with your gynaecologist as it could mean – gestational diabetes, preeclampsia or sleep apnea (this is a condition which obstructs oxygen supply to you and your baby – this could be very dangerous); all potentially risky to your baby.

Remedies for nasal congestion and snoring during pregnancy

You might in all probability stop snoring once the baby comes but till then you could try these for some relief –

  • Sleep on your side (try the left as it aids circulation) with your head slightly elevated
  • You could use a warm-mist humidifier in the room at night
  • You could use a nasal strip on your nose (they are drug-free) at night
  • Eat healthy and avoid the empty calories, excess weight gain can increase the snoring
  • Exercise regularly to keep fit
  • Quit tobacco, alcohol if you have not done so already
  • Do not take sleeping pills as they are more likely to make your throat close and cause the snoring