Naming Baby: Things you need to keep in mind

Naming baby

Finding the perfect name for your baby can be tricky. Here’s a guide to avoiding the some of the most common naming mistakes parents make:

  1. How does the baby name sound with your surname/last name?

Avoid choosing a rhyming name, or something too similar to your surname. Look for a first name that flows with your surname, rather than makes a continuous sound with it.

  1. What do the initials spell?

Check your baby's initials don't spell out any unfortunate or embarrassing words. You can guarantee people will notice initials like WTF or MAD, TP or FU.

  1. Do you like the nick name?

If you can't stand the shortened version of a name, it may be time to cross it off your list.

  1. Does the name have any other connotations?

If a name reminds you of someone you dislike, it just won't work. Avoid celebrity names. The child will be constantly reminded of someone he has no connection to.

  1. Does the name match those of your other kids?

Sound out the names to see if they sound nice together. Akshay is nice. But Lakshay is questionable.

  1. Is it a good adult name?

Bear in mind that your baby will become an adult one day. Names that are cute for a tiny baby can sound ridiculous for a grown-up. Imagine a “Lola” as a CEO.

  1. Is it easy to spell and pronounce?

Although it is a popular trend to spell a common name differently for the sake of originality, numerology etc., it can cause a lot of confusion. Especially when it is also hard to pronounce. Eg. Neikhila for Nikila.

  1. Does your baby suit the name?

You've got 21 days after your baby is born to register a name. Wait to see if she suits her name before making a final decision.

  1. Do you both love the name?

If your spouse hates your favourite name, don't force it upon them. It will only cause resentment. Reach a common ground.

When did you choose your baby's name?