Moving to mother’s house during pregnancy

Moving to mothers house during pregnancy

Moving to your mother's house in your 7th month: Things to think about

In India, we have a tradition of having the first child at the maternal home. The reason behind this is that, in the earlier times, the expectant mother used to be very young, barely a teenager herself. In such a delicate stage of life, the expectant mother needed a lot of tender love and care, and a time free of responsibilities, which she could get only from her mother – someone with whom she can ask for pampering without feeling awkward about it.

This logic still applies in today’s modern day and age, unless the expectant mother is on a strict bed rest. Still in such cases, sometimes expectant mother’s mother offers to stay with her.

If your mother lives in the same city as your and in your locality, then shifting to her place will no difference in your household and you can rest easy.

Things you should do before moving to your mother’s house

If you are planning to move to your mother’s house for your delivery and if your mother lives in a different part of the city across the town or a different city altogether, here are the things you need to do before leaving your home:

  • Arrange for help to look after the household in your absence such as cooking, cleaning and so on.
  • Talk to your doctor about this change in plans and look for a doctor in your mother’s city.
  • Register yourself in a hospital and to a doctor close to your mother’s house.

And remember, although you will be pampered at your mothers’ at the end of the day, there are bound to be a few teething issues, especially at such a stressful time. So remember to keep the bigger picture in mind, and relax and rest easy.