Mood swings during pregnancy third trimester

mood swings during pregnancy

Mood swings during pregnancy third trimester

What is the cause pregnancy mood swing?

It is very common to have mood swings during pregnancy in the third trimester. Although most of this moodiness is attributed to progesterone and estrogen, it is mainly because of the frustration and the discomfort from the growing bump, and a sense of insecurity about how things are going to be after the baby is born. At this point in your pregnancy, you are likely to snap at everyone, the most vulnerable being your partner, who is probably quite clueless on how to be of help.

How to manage the mood swings in pregnancy

•Don’t feel guilty about your pregnancy mood swings. Consider them normal and blame it on the discomfiture from the growing belly! Talk to someone you trust about how you are feeling.
•Take a nap, go for a walk, do something to make yourself feel good. 
•Listen to some peppy music to lift your spirits.
•Spend some time in pampering yourself till you feel better. 
•Practice your meditation and breathing techniques by which you get an inner feeling of calm. 
•Avoid wearing drab and ill-fitting clothes. Dress prettily and put on some light makeup. You can never discount the importance of dressing up well on your mood!
•Eat a healthy snack. Avoid processed foods and sugary snacks because they cause rapid spikes in sugar levels in the blood, resulting in irritability and moodiness. 

If you still cannot get out of the dark mood, talk to your doctor about the possibility of mild to moderate depression, which is common in many women.