Mood swings during pregnancy: Causes and tips to manage them.

Mood swings during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you find that your moods become a bit unpredictable -you may be giggling away one minute, only to be crying for no apparent reason the next. Whatever it is you're feeling, you're not alone.

What causes mood swings during pregnancy?

One of the main reasons for your mood swings is the change in your hormone levels. It can affect your mood, making you feel tearful or easily irritated. It's not all hormones, though. With so much happening in your life, it's only natural to find that your moods are changeable. Mood changes during pregnancy could also be the product of physical stress, fatigue and metabolic changes. You could also be overwhelmed with excitement and apprehension about this tiny new creature you’ve created one moment then suddenly wonder what you’ve got yourself into!

What can I do about my pregnancy mood swings?

First up, it is important to understand you are not alone and that mood swings are just a part and parcel of the whole pregnancy experience. The knowledge that what you are going through is completely normal and somewhat expected will help you cope. Other things to keep you upbeat include:

  • Talk about it

Be honest about how you're feeling, especially with your partner, close friends and family. You may find that they’re super understanding and supportive they can be!

  • Ask for help

If you’re overwhelmed with all the work preparing for the baby, ask help to your partner, or friends and family. They’ll surely be willing to help once you explain what you need.

  • Get a lot of rest

Get enough sleep. You’ll find it’s best to rest as much as you can before the discomfort of the third trimester creeps in. Consider taking your maternity leave earlier than you’d planned, when you are close to your due date.

  • Make time for fun

See a feel-good movie, catch up with friends over lunch or sit in your garden with a good book.

  • Do some gentle exercise

Exercise is a mood-lifter. Next time you feel irritated or anxious, go for a swim, take a walk in the fresh air or do some simple yoga exercises.

  • Bond with your partner

In your calmer moments, try to spend some quality time with your partner. Go out on dates - a day at the beach or at the movies might be perfectly welcoming. Also understand that your partner may also have his own worries about becoming a dad. And though they’re less concerning than your own fears, they’re still real. Talking about them will help to take your mind off your troubles, as well as helping you bond with him.

  • Halt the guilt

Pregnancy is life-changing. Of course, you’ll be overwhelmed, irritable and anxious at times. And this may take you by surprise even if you’ve wanted a baby for years. Help yourself and accept that some negative feelings are completely normal and but focusing on the wonderful feelings about your pregnancy will certainly help.