Meditation During Pregnancy: Why You Should Try

meditation during pregnancy

Meditation During Pregnancy: Why You Should Try

Meditation is the practise of focusing one’s mind for a period of time. It gives you a sense of deep peace as the mind is then calm and silent.

You can meditate at all stages of your pregnancy because of numerous benefits to yourself and the baby:

  • It helps reduce anxiety and stress 
    Anxiety and stress are quite high now that you are pregnant. This may cause numerous complications to the baby and the pregnancy. Anxiety also reduces one’s pain tolerance. Meditation thus helps increase pain tolerance, also it helps body produce endorphins which go beyond and enhance pleasure.
  • It helps maintain a better heart rate and blood pressure
    Meditating helps reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, thus lowering your risk to preeclampsia and preterm damage to the brain.
  • It helps establish a better mother-child bond
    A calm and focussed mind helps the mother to concentrate on the baby in her womb thus helping her bond better.
  • It helps ensure a good night’s sleep
    One usually has trouble sleeping when pregnant because either one is stressed or is having some aches and pains. Meditating helps de-stress and relax thereby helping you sleep much better.
  • It can help manage labour pain
    Meditating helps reduce anxiety and also improves your mental focus. Both of these are extremely invaluable when you actually experience the labour pains. It can help you in having an easier time during labour.

Also meditation helps – deal with mood swings, connect with your innermost feelings, focus, concentrate, etc.

It is believed that the benefits of meditation pass on to the unborn child via the pregnancy mother. So relax, let go and connect with your deeper self. You will be helping yourself as well as your baby !