Maternity underwear: What I need and when

maternity underwear

One of the most important things during pregnancy is of course – Comfort! Now when the growing belly, increasing weight, morning sickness, swollen hands and feet and numerous other such symptoms are making life uncomfortable you are willing to try all you can to get some comfort.

The breasts and your his and bellies are increasing and your current underwear is not really fitting perfectly – giving you neither the required support nor comfort. You might want to consider Maternity underwear which would give you all the required support and comfort but at a little extra expense.

Choosing the maternity underwear? Here are some guidelines:

Guidelines to buy maternity underwear:

  • In the beginning, purchase bra-extenders and use your current bras, as for your panties they should suffice till the time the bump shows.
  • When the underwear begins to feel tight you know it is time to buy new underwear.
  • As your breasts enlarge buy bras which are a size or two larger, straps which are wider and can bear the extra weight. You should avoid underwire bras, etc.
  • Maternity wear bra straps are wider and softer while the cups are double-layer. The fabric and design are such that they protect sensitive nipples and are able to stretch to accommodate the fluctuating sizes. This should see you through the entire pregnancy.
  • Maternity briefs give you the option of having a support over the belly which can be quite comfortable despite the growing belly. You could also work with regular briefs a size or two larger too.
  • You can purchase a nursing bra right before the delivery date. You will not need one earlier than that. A nursing bra not only supports the heavy breasts at this time but also accommodates the changing breast sizes (full with milk to emptied breasts)