Maternity Leave Policy and Benefits

Maternity Leave Policy and Benefits

Maternity Leave Policy and Benefits

If you’re pregnant and working, you’ve thought about this a thousand times. Your maternity leave, how you can use it to the best you possibly can and all of that. First of all, don’t worry most companies have good HR policy so laid out so as to ensure that women do not have to give up their careers in order to fulfil their role as a mother. You will receive maternity as well as health benefits under this policy.

Maternity leave benefits:

To be entitled to the Maternity benefits you should have been working in the company for a minimum of 80 days in the last 12 months.

Under this benefit you are entitled to a minimum of 12 weeks of maternity leave. Of this 12 weeks a maximum of 6 weeks can be availed before the birth of the child. So you could take 6 weeks before your due date and 6 weeks after the baby’s birth. Usually, women tend to take the maternity leave at the last possible moment, so they can spend the rest of the time with the baby. However, please understand that if your body tells you

Maternity pay:

  • During these 12 weeks of leave you will be entitled to full salary at the rate of your average daily salary (average salary during the three months immediately prior to the beginning of your maternity leaves.)
  • You will need to notify in writing your employer, asking for the maternity leave and its benefits.

Maternity allowance:

  • Also in the last 10 weeks running up to your pregnancy, the law states that you may be excused from laborious work, standing for long hours, etc.
  • A lot of companies also provide employees with health insurance benefits and other medical allowances. You will need to discuss with your HR what the terms are under these allowances and benefits.
  • In case of an illness or complication related to pregnancy or delivery, you are eligible for one month’s leave with full salary. You have to only submit a medical proof of the illness.

Always remember HR policies regarding maternity benefits vary from company to company and it would be best to discuss them with your HR.