Maternity leave: How to plan for it

Maternity leave

One of the most important things for you to consider when you’re pregnant and a working woman, is maternity leave, of course! Planning for maternity leave will be easier when you start the planning process at right time. Whether you are trying to take leave or a break, it is a good idea to take advantage of this leave. You should start talking about your maternity with your boss around the end of your second trimester, unless he/she brings it up first before that.

Tips to plan for maternity leave

Know Your Rights

Know your company policy. Find out whether the employer gives paid maternity leave or if there is there any other clause.

Check How Much

Find out what the minimum maternity leave is and consult with your doctor about the status of your pregnancy - you may need more time off if you have known complications.

Plans in accordance Company’s Policies

Remember that by presenting a leave plan on how you have someone cover you, will show your dedication towards returning to work.

Share Your Responsibilities

Make a list of your own responsibilities in the office so that your workplace knows how to divide it up when you are on leave. Discuss with your boss and suggest replacements.

Prepare Yourself For Any Situation

Be prepared that you might have to compromise on your position or responsibilities. Times are changing and women have more flexibility at work. But, stay organised with the documents so if you are asked to produce them, you can do it as soon as possible. Plan your budget to accommodate you in the last few months of pregnancy and first few of Motherhood.

Inform Your Clients

If you have a job that has to deal with clients, let them know about your leave and introduce them to your replacement. Give them a heads up on when you are planning to return.

Find out how long your leave can be extended. It’s better to prepared for a worse case scenario too. Planning ahead will help you stay relaxed and have a stress free child birth experience.