Making the decision to go back to work or stay at home; how to make that decision

returning to work after maternity
Having a baby is a life altering event! Along with all the changes is going to be the various decisions you will have to make which will influence both you and the child. One of these major decisions if you are a working woman is about going back to work or staying at home post the baby. This is, like all other post baby decisions – not an easy one to make but weighing in the pros and cons can help you make the decision.
  1. This has to be a decision you and your husband make as a team so discuss this with him.
  2. If you want to go back to work, see if:
    1. You have help with looking after the baby - willing family, friends, a good maid or a good crèche can help you make that decision to go back to work
    2. You will still be able to devote some dedicated time for the baby
  3. If you have to stay at home, see if:
    1. Your finances will permit the move. If you do need the paycheque each month, quitting may be tougher
    2. Life now can be a whole lot of mundane activities with little or no appreciation. Try and find things to do will give you a sense of accomplishment
  4. It is essential that you are wholly convinced about the decision you are taking. Talk to mothers who are working or those who quit, to understand, the challenges that each situation will present to you.
Remember like everything else in parenting there is no right or wrong decision here. It is all about taking the one that works for you and making all possible efforts to ensuring it is good for the entire family!