Tips to manage your home after delivery

Managing home after delivery

Making a plan to manage your home after delivery: Domestic help, nanny, cook etc.

If you and your husband have been managing the household before and during your pregnancy, then it is high time you started preparing to delegate duties for a smooth running household during and after your delivery, before it is time for you to deliver:

  • Talk to your family requesting someone to assist you with running the household while you are recovering from the birth. If you have an older child, it becomes all the more important to insist that someone help you here.
  • Talk to your neighbors and spread the word that you are looking for some household help.
  • If a relative – your parents, in-laws, or siblings – have offered to help, then accept their help but do not overburden them with all the responsibility. It is always recommended to have your relative supervise the cooks/maids rather than physically manage the duties. It can get very frustrating for them and become a cause of conflict.
  • Make sure you arrange for a cook to manage the kitchen entirely (cooking, cleaning, preparation, maybe even shopping) and hand over the kitchen to them at least a month in advance so that you can get used to one another’s style of cooking and management.
  • If you have already had a maid, then go over her duties with her and inform her of any change in duties.
  • If you have been intending to look for a nanny and have been looking for prospects, then now is the time to reach a decision.
  • Once all the appointments are made, make sure you go over all their duties and that they understand it.