Major Body Changes During Pregnancy

Body Changes During Pregnancy

Major Body Changes You Will Undergo During Pregnancy

So you’re in your second trimester now. The morning sickness is hitting you, you’re focused on trying to keep yourself healthy, and everyone who sees you visibly pregnant now will give you advice on how your life is going to change. The one thing that you’ll have to also remember are the major body changes that you will undergo during this point in the pregnancy.

The drastic hormonal changes are affecting possibly every aspect of your life now, including your skin and hair. While mostly the impact will be for the good, some women may experience a downturn. No reason to worry though because whatever the impact, it is temporary and once the baby is born it will all go back to square one.

Common changes in body during pregnancy

Hair: Your hair growth will improve now thanks to all the multi-vitamin rich diets and the iron you are consuming. You will have nice thick hair. This may also mean that facial and body hair increases, which is not so nice but then again it will all go once the baby comes.

Nails: Your nails could also be getting stronger or weaker now, though it is more likely to get stronger. Nails may also develop white spots or transverse grooves which is nothing to worry about.

Skin: The fluid retention and increased blood flow now could be making your skin look better and giving you that ‘pregnancy glow.’ Your face may get drier and pimply which only means you need to take extra care now. You might develop eczema, acne or redness in the face too and you might want to consult a dermatologist. Increased levels of melanin now may result in dark patches showing up in many areas of your skin. This can be treated once the baby is born.

Your skin may get itchy and you may develop stretch marks in the belly, breasts, hips and legs. There is no guarantee that creams, lotions, etc. will prevent these from lingering as pale wrinkles post the baby but applying them may soothe the itching and irritation.

Teeth: You might see that your teeth loosen at this time. Pregnancy hormones have an impact on the bones and ligaments in your mouth. This goes away after pregnancy. You might also notice bleeding gums. Make sure you use a gentle toothbrush at this time.

Feet and leg cramps: As you already know by now, your feet ache and cramp up, especially when you sleep. Try to sleep with your feet elevated and remember to contact your doctor for pain alleviation methods if you’re unable to sleep through the night.

Urinary tract infections: Urinary tract infections or UTIs are fairly common during this time because the hormonal changes slow down the urine flow and your bladder doesn’t get emptied properly. . Make sure you are well hydrated and let your doctor know if you feel a burning sensation - UTIs are known to lead to preterm labour.

Keep all these in mind and try to be as prepared as possible, without medication for these symptoms.