What to look for in a nanny / babysitter?

what to look for in a babysitter

What to look for while hiring a nanny or babysitter for your baby?

Whether you are planning to stay at home after the delivery or return to work after the baby, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra pair of hands to help you with the baby – even if you are leaving your baby with a relative.

Things to consider before you hire a nanny:

  • Duration: Do you want a nanny to stay only a part of the day, the whole day, or for 24 hours?
  • Salary: What is your budget?
  • Duties of the nanny: Depending on the duration and the salary you are offering, outline a list of duties that are compulsory for the nanny. If you are expecting her to completes ome auxiliary errands, then make a list of them too.

Things to look for in a babysitter or nanny:

  • Work experience
  • Age
  • Hygiene
  • Education and communication skills
  • Rapport with children
  • Willingness to work

Now it is not possible to assess all this qualities just based on an interview. Therefore, you can offer a trial period to the prospective nanny. There are two ways to get good candidates for this job: Word of mouth/recommendations from the community or through the agencies. The advantages of hiring via recommendations is that you have an idea of the family background, experience and reasons of leaving the previous jobs. But there is no guarantee of the level of professionalism.

The advantage of hiring from agencies is that they come with all the required verifications and are trained. But the choices are too less, and the fees and the salary put together can be an expensive affair altogether. In any case, once you hire a nanny, follow these precautions:

  • Stay with the nanny and the child, so that the child is used to the nanny’s presence. Encourage her to take over as much work as she can.
  • While you are at work, keep a constant stream of communication with your child and the nanny separately.
  • Don’t nag but be firm about what you are expecting from the nanny. Discuss the disciplining tactics with your nanny and means to achieve it with her and reach a consensus on the same.
  • It does hurt to hand over your child, but do respect the nanny’s job and don’t get jealous of her closeness with your child.
  • Drop in for a surprise visit every now and then, to make sure things are smooth sailing.

If you are a stay at home mom, delegate certain duties to the nanny. Assess her performance regularly.