Listening to Pregnancy Advice From Different People

pregnancy advice

Now that your bump is visible, everyone knows you are pregnant even if you didn’t tell them in so many words. With all the congratulations pouring in you also have a lot of well-meaning advice being given to you – colleagues, friends, family, neighbours, etc. everyone seems to have some tips for you. You on the other hand are finding this all confusing and cannot decide whom to listen to; well here is some help to make decision-making easier for you.

  • If she has a degree of ‘Doctor of Medicine’ she probably knows what she is talking about. It would be sensible to pay heed. Also please refer to and abide by the advice of one. Too many and you are only confused and unsure of what is best.
  • Just because she has a kid it does not mean she knows all about parenting. But chances are since she has a kid she has experience of handling some of the things that happens and may be able to give you one perspective – hers!
  • If she is taking care of you/ your elder child, she has a right to voice her feelings and thoughts. Whether you choose to listen and abide, that’s totally different.
  • Listen to the happy and the not-so happy stories people have to share but focus on the happy stories and be aware or take precautions as per the not-so happy stories. Do not let them consume your thoughts though.

At the end of it all remember, if you want to listen it is okay and if you don’t it is okay too. Also trust your instincts as a mother and take informed decisions.