Lifting a toddler while pregnant: Is it safe

Carrying a toddler while pregnant

Carrying a toddler while pregnant: Is it safe?

Experts say that by the time you reach the third trimester, you should not pick up anything that weighs more than 10-12 kgs.

Whether you should lift your toddler while pregnant also depends on if you have had any pregnancy complications. If so, then the doctors may advise you to be cautious and to not carry anything heavy. Lifting a child can hurt your back, because when you are pregnant, your uterus relaxes the abdominal muscles and doesn’t support the back very well.

When your bump grows, the center of gravity of your body shifts making you a little off-balance at times. In such a situation, carrying your older child may endanger all the individuals involved – your unborn child, your older child and you.

If you do decide on carrying your toddler while pregnant, remember the following points:

  • Mind your posture when you lift your child. Remember to bend your knees and not your back.
  • Try to bring the child on a higher level by asking him or her to climb on a stool
  • Prepare your child that you are not going to be carry them for a long time. Don’t feel guilty of telling your child that you are tired. Instead, prepare to entertain your child once placed on the floor, so that the child doesn’t dwell on the thought of being put down too quickly.
  • Find some other way to be physically close to your child, so that your child doesn’t insist on carried too long.
  • Make walking a more fun activity, so that you can break the trend of carrying your child and make them more independent.
  • Do not carry your child on your hip, as it is will strain on your back more.