Lifting Older Baby (less than 1 year) During Pregnancy

Lifting during pregnancy

My older child is barely one year old, can I still carry and lift her while pregnant?

Normally it is totally okay to lift your older child when pregnant, especially in the early weeks of pregnancy. If you have any complications of course it is better to talk to your gynaecologist for precautions.

Now as the baby in the tummy grows, your centre of gravity is shifting and you might feel slightly off balance when lifting up the elder one. So if you bend down and pick up the little one, you might feel weak or dizzy for a minute or two.

Also the growing baby is exerting pressure on your lower back; lifting the elder one too may aggravate the pain.

As the pregnancy advances it may get increasingly uncomfortable to carry the elder one. Listen to your body and if it is uncomfortable avoid lifting him/her up.

But your elder one may still insist and you might not wish to let him/her feel that things are changing, now that the baby is on the way. So what do you do then?

  • Avoid walking for long stretches, because then the possibility of him/her asking to be lifted increases
  • If you do have a stroller for the elder one, use it to the maximum now
  • Ask friends and family to help with the lifting when needed

Pregnancy of each woman is different and while some may be able to lift their elder child way into the pregnancy some may find it uncomfortable early on itself. Do not worry too much about it; rather focus on ensuring your child still feels special and loved.