Hospital Bag For Dad: List Of Things To Take

Hospital bag for dad

Labor survival kit for fathers:

There is no doubt that as a father, you have been waiting as eagerly for your little bundle of joy as your wife has been. But you also have another responsibility at hand: to support your wife in one of the most painful times of her life. The key to successful support is being as informed about how the events turn out, and being prepared for them.

Here is what you need to prepare for when your wife goes in labor:

  • Your wife’s labor may be long and exhausting for her, and a little boring for you if you are waiting outside the delivery room.
  • It may be a bit too overwhelming for you, if you are her labor partner.
  • Ensure that her bag is packed by the time she is 34 weeks pregnant.

Have a bag ready for yourself, in the event that your wife goes in labor and you have to take her to the hospital

List of things to take to the hospital:

  • Cash and cards. Ensure that you have enough cash with you to pay the hospital for the delivery, the stay at the hospital and so on. Some hospitals may not accept card payment. Check with the hospital if they accept checks.
  • Camera: Make sure you have this device at your hand so that you are all set to click pictures of your wife and your little one, as soon as the latter arrives.
  • Toiletries: Carry some basic toiletries for yourself, such as face wash, wet tissues, hand sanitizers, mouth fresheners and so on.
  • Change of clothes: Sometimes you may have to stay overnight or all day long when your wife is in labor. In case you are unable to take a bath, then at least a change of clothes should freshen you up.
  • Books: Carry something with you to read and pass time while you await the news of the baby’s birth.
  • Medication: Carry an emergency kit of medicines that you may require, apart from any regular medication that you take. Include a set of your wife’s medicines as a backup in case her set is lost somewhere.

Make sure both your bags are kept somewhere at eye-level or within your reach, better still, put both your bags in the car that you’re planning to drive to the hospital in. This ensures that even in case you have to leave to the hospital in a hurry, the bags are in the parking lot, in the worst case. Makes life easier, doesn’t it?