Keeping a healthy pregnancy diet: 8 important nutrients that help your baby grow

Healthy pregnancy diet

You need to eat a wide variety of colourful produce, now that you’re pregnant. Here’s a list of 8 important nutrients you ought to be eating to help make your baby healthy –

  • Calcium

Daily amount: 1000 mg

Baby Boost: Grows strong bones and teeth, healthy nerves, heart, and muscles. Also develops heart rhythm and blood clotting.

From: milk, yoghurt, cheese, chickpeas

  • Folic Acid

Daily amount: 300 mcg

Baby Boost: Prevents neural tube defects and helps develop brain.

From: green leafy vegetables, seeds, legumes and citrus fruit.

  • Iron

Daily amount: 27 mg

Baby Boost: Makes red blood cells, supplies oxygen to cells for energy and growth, and builds bones and teeth.

From: lentils, chick peas , red meat, raisins, etc.

  • Magnesium

Daily amount: 350 mg

Baby Boost: Helps build strong bones and teeth, regulates insulin and blood-sugar levels, builds and repairs tissue

From: potato, spinach, almonds, brown rice and lentils.

  • Phosphorus

Daily amount: 700 mg

Baby Boost: Builds strong bones and teeth; develops blood clotting and normal heart rhythm.

From: meat, fish and dairy products.

  • Potassium

Daily amount: 4700 mg

Baby Boost: Aids muscle activity and contractions, energy metabolism, and nerve function.

From: potato, sweet lime, raisins, apricots, brinjal, and tomatoes.

  • Riboflavin

Daily amount: 1.4 mg

Baby Boost: Promotes growth, good vision, and healthy skin. Essential for your baby's bone, muscle, and nerve development.

From: curd (dahi), milk and fresh cheese.

  • Zinc

Daily amount: 11 mg

Baby Boost:: Helps form organs, skeleton, nerves, and circulatory system.

From: protein containing foods like sunflower seeds, tuna and kidney beans (rajma).