Itching on Stomach During Pregnancy

itching on stomach during pregnancy

Stretching of the skin to accommodate the growing belly and the hormonal changes may all contribute to having an irritable itch over your stomach and breasts. You constantly are irritable, and find yourself wanting to scratch at your belly all day.

Causes of itchy stomach during pregnancy:

Itching can also be because of Eczema developing or an already present eczema getting worse. Pregnancy usually makes Eczema unpredictable and causes itching in the folds of your skin.

You can soothe this itchiness by:

Tips to cope up with itching on stomach during pregnancy

  • Have less warm baths and showers now that your skin is dry. Also avoid cleansing products which are harsh – strong detergent or deodorant.
  • Use a pH balanced or mild moisturising wash to cleanse your skin.
  • Use mild, unscented moisturisers to moisturise your skin.
  • In case of eczema, use the products prescribed by the dermatologist.
  • A calamine lotion can help soothe the itches. Oatmeal added to bathwater is supposed to be of help though there isn’t much evidence to support this claim.
  • Heat can worsen the itchiness and rashes. Avoid going out into the sun or stay in the shade if you have to; wear comfortable and loose clothes of breathable fabrics.

It could also be because of Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy (PEP) and no one really knows why it happens. It causes itching with rashes usually towards the end of the third trimester. It begins as an itchy rash on the tummy and then spreads to the thighs. The rash may also be characterised by small raised lumps or large inflamed areas of the skin. It usually goes away once the baby is born. Consult your doctor for medications to soothe this.