Do Iron Tablets During Pregnancy Make Baby Dark?

iron tablets during pregnancy makes baby dark

When you are pregnant, you hear a thousand old wives’s tales. You’d want to believe most of them, they’re told with such confidence. The other common one is that saffron or kesar will make your baby fairer. The whole concept of dark and fair is skewed to begin with, but please remember your baby’s complexion is determined by her genes and not the food you take.

But to answer the question, no, intake of iron has no effect on your baby’s complexion.

Now that you are pregnant, the body needs more blood than before for both you and the baby. This increased blood is to carry sufficient oxygen around the body. For this increased blood flow the body needs to make more haemoglobin and iron is essential to the synthesis of haemoglobin in the blood.

In order to ensure enough iron, all doctors usually advise you to have enough iron-rich food in your diet now. In case of non vegetarians, the requirement is 27-30mg while in vegetarians the requirement is 38mg per day. It is best to have this supply from your diet (green leafy vegetables, pulses, etc.) but if required the doctor could prescribe you iron supplements.