Introducing your bump to your toddler

Introducing your bump to your toddler

News that your toddler is going to have a sibling soon may not really get the response you are looking for. Some children may be curious and ask a lot of questions while some may just ignore and be indifferent to the whole thing.

But share the news with your elder one you must, it is best she hears it from you also it gives her time to slowly get used to the thought of the sibling coming. Understand that she requires time adjusting to the various changes happening in her life now.

When you share the news do not expect your child to be particularly enthusiastic but encourage her curiosity in the whole thing. She should then be willing to ask you questions regarding her doubts or seek clarification which will guide your conversation and explain things to her, making things clearer.

Introduce your child to the bump this could be the easiest way to get her excited about the new sibling coming. Children are naturally intrigued by their mother’s sudden tummy bulge. She can understand pregnancy better when she sees a pronounced bump and feels a strong foetal movement.

Let her touch and pat your belly. This may make her curious about why the baby is in there, how she looks inside the tummy, etc. You could also let your toddler have more opportunity to bond with the baby by talking, singing or patting the bump. Explain that talking and singing will help the little baby recognise her by voice and respond.

Let your toddler touch the bump each time the foetus kicks. Let her feel the kicks – it might help the siblings bond better on a later day.

Remember though, give her time and liberty to accept this at the pace she feels comfortable with.