Baby’s religion in inter religious marriages

Baby's religion in inter religious marriages

Inter-religious marriages: What religion will you go with?

Religion is something extremely personal and should be left so; this is something very few people realise giving root to many issues of the world.

An inter-religious marriage is something which is not easy and requires a lot of understanding and tolerance from the adults. There might be issues arising though once the children come into the picture.

Society demands that a child be raised as per one religion. The patriarchal society we live in usually makes the child choose the father’s religion while at the same time it is the mother who usually bears the greater responsibility of raising the child. This may be conflicting and confusing to the child.

You might want to expose the child to both religions and customs so that she learns the best of both. You may also choose to not expose the child to either religion and let the child make her choice once she grows up and make that choice for herself.

This is not always easy as religions often have conflicting customs too – like one may permit the intake of non-vegetarian food while the other strictly prohibits the same. The best thing to do here is make a choice which is comfortable and easy on both parents and their lifestyles.

Do not be bothered too much about what society thinks (because almost always they are judging you as a parent) and discuss with your partner. Both of you must as a unit must decide what is best for your child. More important than the religion she follows is to raise her to be tolerant and with a strong sense of morality!