Indigestion, upset stomach and other digestive issues: What you need to know

As awesome a time pregnancy is for you, the drastic hormonal changes maybe creating a host of digestive issues for you which are uncomfortable to say the least. Here are some common issues which may ail your digestive system now.

  • Indigestion
    The hormones have now relaxed the muscles throughout your body, including those of the digestive system. Thus your digestive processes have slowed down causing you to after a meal have indigestion. This could leave you with heartburn, bloating, acid reflux or feeling full even if you didn’t eat much.
    To prevent it: eat more frequent small meals throughout the day and try and wait at least an hour after a meal before lying down.
  • Bloating
    With all the relaxed muscles now digestion has slowed down and you feel bloated.
    What you can do about it: drink lots of water to help flush out the fluids from the body and take a walk after your meal to help digestion.
  • Heartburn
    The relaxed muscles include the esophageal sphincter which is at the top of your stomach holding the stomach acid in place, so there is a chance the acid is pushed into the oesophagus causing heartburn.
    To tackle heartburn: have small frequent meals and avoid drinking while eating.
  • Constipation
    The relaxed bowel muscles find it harder to contract now and thus make passing of stool more difficult.
    To tackle constipation: have warm fluids to kick start the bowel movements and use the squatting potty to make it easier for the stool to pass out of the body.
  • Diarrhoea
    This can be attributed to the new diet, extra water you are drinking or the exercise you have begun.
    To help cure it: avoid fatty or spicy food and have starchy food and yoghurt.

If any of these issues persists or is very uncomfortable consult your gynaecologist.