What to do when everyday travel during pregnancy is tiring

Tips to ease the everyday travel during pregnancy

What to do when everyday travel during pregnancy is tiring?

If you are a working woman, then one of the biggest challenges during the third trimester of pregnancy is the commute to work. Travelling for work – within city or outside city – can be considered risky for you and your baby, even if your pregnancy has been smooth sailing so far.

Tips to ease your daily travel during pregnancy

  • Check with your organization if a work from home arrangement is possible for the last month or two. Or if it is feasible, as for a different role temporarily.
  • If your mode of commute is strenuous, then switch to a more comfortable mode – albeit it may be costlier. Read a book (or Kindle) while you travel, or listen to some music.Read up some chants during your commute or just pray silently during the commute.
  • If you have sit for a long time during the commute, make sure you stretch your legs during the journey.
  • Unless you are prone to car sickness, make sure you keep your windows rolled up to avoid the added stress of traffic noise and pollution.
  • Try to give up driving in the last month of driving, and join a carpool if possible.
  • Seek your doctor’s advice on travelling by auto-rickshaws on a daily basis. Consider the quality of the road to your office and back and that auto-rickshaws are not built to handle bumpy rides.
  • If the most convenient mode of commute for work is a bus or a train, then leave your home well in advance to be able to catch your train or bus. Wear comfortable shoes, well-fitted and skid proof.
  • If the travel to work gets more than you can handle, talk to your doctor. She may advice you to take a sick leave or start your maternity earlier than planned. Talk to your supervisor about such possibilities.